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Closet Design

Picture of Closet Design
Italian-European closet and storage solutions. Custom/semi-custom closets home office storage solutions, basement storage, attic storage, garage storage, linen storage, pantry storage, storage shelving, closet accessories and much more.

Closets - Connecticut Closet Design

Picture of Closets - Connecticut Closet Design
Plenty of storage space and organizing solutions including built in shelves, customized drawers, pull down hanging bars, and a vast selection of high-end materials in neutral to bright and bold colors, with an array of style selections

Closets - New York City Closet Design

Picture of Closets - New York City Closet Design
Conjunction of cheerful colors, wide selection of closet designs with combinations between sliding doors, wing doors, and folding doors that have an ample amount of storage space with simple efficiency to assist in maximizing space.