Upper West Side NYC Brownstone Renovation

This beautiful west village Brownstone Townhouse with Douglas Elliman Real Estate as proprietor is located centrally within a melting pot full of vibrant counter cultures. Located at 113 West 95th street in the upper west side, this townhouse occupies an imposing rooftop view of the city and is just a short walking distance to the Hudson River.

Image Courtesy: Douglas Elliman Real Estate #1

Within this luxury Brownstone townhouse, we have designed and renovated a captivating and pristine open space kitchen and dining room layout that can easily become a dream space worth admiring as much as it is to live in. In addition to the dining and Kitchen Remodel careful geometrical space planning took place within the five bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, two additional guess bathrooms, four powder rooms.

Image Courtesy: Douglas Elliman Real Estate #2

A full level master suite with a spacious living room boasting a contemporary style fireplace dressed with a natural marble stone mantle that runs high touching the ceiling.

Image Courtesy: Douglas Elliman Real Estate #3

All rooms in the home were prepped intricately and actualized with our European Modern Cabinetry designs featuring Adele within the living quarters and Georgia - white solid wood kitchen cabinets along the formal kitchen to bring in a light and bright setting with spacious results into the dwelling.

Image Courtesy: Douglas Elliman Real Estate #4

Beginning in the kitchen with our exclusive Modern Kitchen Cabinets design Georgia, in a solid yellow pine wood coated with a gleaming white lacquered finish. All pull-up kitchen cabinets along the circumference of the kitchen walls captivate the eye with its luminous frosted glass implications within each front door and are conveniently designed with a soft touch open and close motion.

Image Courtesy: Douglas Elliman Real Estate #5

The white Caesarstone counter tops rest gracefully with symmetry above tall white kitchen base cabinets, each offering the best in high-end Blum Motion drawer slides with plenty of storage space, We have also implemented tall white pantry closets and refrigerator door panels to cover appliances discreetly and add a cleaner streamlined look with a center focus on the kitchen island and its double sink complimented with three impeccable hanging light fixtures to bring in sufficient lighting. Plenty of recessed ceiling lighting and under cabinet lights have been installed accordingly to give ample amount of lighting around the peripherals of the kitchen and home.

Image Courtesy: Douglas Elliman Real Estate #6

Bathrooms each offer custom marble mosaic natural stone tiling encompassing the entire shower room area. Adele Modern cabinets design were chosen for all basin sink vanities in an ash veneer horizontal grain texture. The vanity cabinets run the full length of the bathroom wall, each imposing plenty of storage space with pull out organizer drawers. The design flows effortlessly within the length of the room accompanied with sleek and attractive granite counter surfaces. To add dimension and interest we installed marble tiling in color tones that complement each bathroom design using a chevron pattern technique to give emphasis to the old world appeal of the Brownstone exterior in a new and contemporary format.

Image Courtesy: Douglas Elliman Real Estate #7

Every bedroom renovation was designed with recessed ceiling mood lighting, placed with a clever presentation around the room to give just the right amount of even lighting, using special detailing in the master bedroom adjacent to the natural marble stone mantle of the fireplace. In every extent of of the home Mazama exotic hardwood flooring layout delivers a warm ambiance to every room with an inviting appeal.

Image Courtesy: Douglas Elliman Real Estate #8

But that's not all. Feast your eyes on the outdoor patios design with safe and sturdy cypress hardwood planking along the exterior wall and porcelain tiled flooring. All materials that are resistant to weather changes and corrosion for life long beauty and many historical memories to gather.

Image Courtesy: Douglas Elliman Real Estate #9