Three Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Bigger

Yes! You heard it right … A kitchen is a kitchen no matter how small it may be. Many people or I should say many women can relate that the smallest things occupy the biggest parts of our hearts; this can also reflect in the heart of the home. Obviously that would be our kitchen of course. Let’s be honest about few ideas. A little extra space and small changes wouldn’t hurt anyone, it can go a long way to make big differences in the best ways for your home. The remodeling process may sound like a long time but it would be a nice idea especially in one of the busiest rooms. THE KITCHEN!

Here’s the thought so why not decide in giving an extra space or going the extra mile on designing your dream kitchen; or consider agreeably in creating more space in the room according to what is most important. Wouldn’t it sound better and look better for your kitchen to be more useful and plenty of elbow room.

If you have been considering in on options of restoring your small kitchen and what actions to take in creating a bigger space in the room, or maybe giving the illusion of a bigger kitchen space, we have put together some of the best ideas and visually eye appealing tips that are practical as well as easy on time and budget in not one, not two, but three of the best and most effective ways to create a big impact and bring together your own custom design with your own style and flare.

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Obviously white kitchens gives the best illusion of big space and for the most part it would be one of the best choices. But if you are a lover of color and prefer to add creativeness in your space, soft vibes of sage green, pale yellow tones, and even the lightest grey and pale blues will add light, an airy ambiance, and personality while making the kitchen appear wider.


TIP: Try going minimal with carefully used kitchen items, such as blenders, food processors, and decorative items such by maximizing storage spaces and keeping counters and shelves neat and full of ample space.


Continuity can be formed by choosing to have cabinets that are light in color and blend with the walls. We recommend a bright white sleek cabinet design for a more contemporary style kitchen, or a natural primitive white for a traditional style kitchen. A great idea that will be different from the ordinary is to add a few glass door cabinets into your cabinet design. This idea will bring the eye towards the middle of the room and mimic the appearance of wide walls. Keep in mind that to create the look of expansion with glass door cabinet’s means components should also be kept in a neat and orderly fashion, and in single light color tones that blend with the walls or lightly contrast with the room.

BONUS TIP: Open and floating shelves also add an airy feel and assist in de-cluttering for extra counter space and a neat, open design.