Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Shaker style kitchen cabinets looks more traditional but combining with Alto kitchens Italian high-end modern cabinets will make your kitchen look richer and up to date in style. Also shaker style cabinetry is a new trend in kitchen design in this time. Shaker is characterized with clean lines and flat panel doors. It is more traditional style that has become popular and came back around and is now featured in many contemporary and modern kitchen designs.

Our most popular style of kitchen cabinet is shaker, which refers to the style of the door. A shaker style cabinets is characterized by a five-piece door with a recessed central panel. The drawer fronts of shaker cabinets can also differ. Shaker style cabinets are units that are uniquely simple yet attractive. They feature recessed panel doors, light finishes and basic hardware.

The best part of this Italian kitchen design as well as most shaker style kitchen designs is the combinations in the solidity of natural acrylic, lacquer and veneer wood elements with a gentle feminine appeal in the color tones. Creating a spacious and calm tone as it demonstrates simplicity and a love for antiquity while remaining open and accessible to what is current and to change.