How To Maximize Your Small Kitchen

Often, if not always, activity and engagement predominantly occurs in the core of the home. That being the kitchen, which always seems to be a place that lavishes upon our creature comforts. By nature many take luxury in cooking and pleasure of deliverance in kindling a meal for guests. Or simply, most just find themselves probing about in the kitchen performing daily commitments. For that reason open space, or any form of space in general should allow proper utilization and is close to being primal almost all of the time. But what if the kitchen is actually one of the smaller rooms in the house? With the vast variety of kitchen equipment or new cooking gadgets most often making there way into our homes, essentially, the need for proper spacing along with storage becomes vital. Most importantly in small areas where space and storage options are limited and become a challenge when keeping organized, as well as obtaining room to actively move around in. Here is where we take special consideration in assuring that every nook and cranny of the kitchen is maximized to its fullest potential. 

When embarking on redesigning or renovating a new kitchen, most importantly smaller spaces, special details should be planned out attentively to make sure every inch of space in the room is used in its entirety. To make most of using space efficiently, high ceiling flushed wall cabinets are the best option to create use of all the extra space that usually becomes space that goes out of sight and out of sound while collecting dust. High flushed ceiling wall cabinets are much more beneficial for the purpose of getting the most use out of empty spaces. We love Contemporary Kitchens with smooth flat-panel kitchen wall and base cabinets for that reason. As featured here with Brava Naturalmente's Rover Visone wood veneer in a matte finish, with a soft brown hue to keep with the cornerstone of the design and the integrity entailed in the rest of the home. Even and polished door panels deliver a substantial impact in creating a spacious area and when combined in a high cabinet design it helps in representing length within the room. Accompanied to the wall cabinets are base cabinets initializing the same request for space and also storage with inside cabinet plate racks, and storage baskets to name a few. The wall and base cabinets contain a clean look while the open pored grain pattern of the wood run uniformed all the way through, leading an impression of width within the kitchen. This all creates the look of extension from every angle in the room. 

Durable and corrosion resistant profile handles set along the sides of the cabinets in anodized aluminum are coated with a brill finish to add a hint of shine in the details, along with the under base cabinet toe-kicks, displaying a look that is tall and sleek with ample storage and organization all within the inside. To unify expansion, River White granite counter tops blend naturally. The subtle cream tone with its pale umber veins pervading through the stone merge simultaneously with the organics of the cabinetry design and color choice. While keeping the room open is primary, work space is also important. Being that there was limited room for a free standing center island, an L shaped attached island offered the same attributes allowing for more work surface while personalizing a dining area with plenty of under counter organization. Entailed in the design of the kitchen an added extension came about using the same granite material to install a small window nook nestled between the end counter and built in wall pantry unit for small window displays or extra work space, making sure to put all areas of the kitchen to good use. 

Every kitchen design has a focal point and one of the best ways to create a nice impact is through a kitchen under cabinet back splash, or wall back splash that communicates the mood within the abode. Glass mosaic tribal tiles in neutral earth tones give a noticeable contrast arranged in a casual format, creating a prime effect with subtle emphasis that blend accordingly with the present style across the kitchen. Accents have also been added with stainless steel appliances and a six burner gas range stove for the avid cook. In the spotlight, we have featured a well-crafted and durable, highly functional built-in kitchen pantry closet that cleverly takes over the use of wall space allowing for much needed space to be used indispensably. 
All designed kitchens that bring in a fusion of extension and coordination with finesse in one story.