Ash Wood Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets

Imagine a room full of the most influential sentiments of pure splendor. A room that displays a world full of the greatest natural provenance that makes life worth living in it. Where beauty and enchantment extend a feeling of departing into the wild blue yonder with a best friend. American architect Frank Lloyd Wright once mentioned that the best friend of the earth and of man is the tree. That when we use the tree respectfully and economically we have one of the greatest resources on the earth. And what better way to celebrate such a magnetic philosophical thought than to bring the best of a friend's recollections into one place, captured through the world's most sensible antiquities into the heart of our homes to convey the earth's most natural elements with timeless elegance and utter beauty. This is why we embrace the solid attributes of Ash wood with our classic and Transitional Kitchen cabinets in high regard.

Claudia European Kitchen Design with shaker style cabinets takes on many parts of this world of splendor for its gifts of goodwill that have inhabited our homes with the solidity of Ash wood. White Ash wood and European Ash wood is a hardwood entity of the Olive and Lilac family with considerable amounts of growth in the Great Plains, Canada and Europe. One of the best woods and well valued in master wood crafting to build interior wood furniture and kitchen cabinetry. White Ash tree is prized for its flexible properties and strength. It is also an icon for  wood veneering because of its flexibility and characteristics of light patterns along with resistance to cracking and warping under different climate conditions. Preferable out of many for modern kitchen cabinets designs for the light to blond color, contributing to an open and airy kitchen design when kept in an original finish. In addition Ash wood also emanates attractive features when stained into any color or finish for a contemporary kitchen cabinet design adding minimalist qualities. 

The perfect personification for clean and natural aspects exhibiting all form and function as one.