Alto Kitchens:
Use and Maintenance

Wood or veneer cabinet finishes

Type material

Wood is a natural material with specific features; differences in grain or shade between the various parts cannot therefore be considered as cause for complaint. ALTO KITCHENS has, nevertheless, introduced strict finish and wood matching checks as part of its Quality system, in order to minimize the possibility of any problems occurring.
Exposing wood to direct sunlight may cause discoloration. Over time, wood matures and may change color slightly; this is not a defect. Finally, bear in mind that it behaves like a living product, even after processing, and will expand or contract depending on the humidity level of the surrounding environment.

The veneer is made with veneer also called "sliced". It's a thin sheet of wood (about 0.6 mm) obtained through the cutting of logs. It is used to cover the various wood panels (MDF, chipboard, wood etc.), then called veneer.

Use and maintenance

Clean gently using a damp cloth and dry thoroughly; do not use detergents and sprays which are not specifically designed for wood, as these could damage the lacquer finish; dry any water droplets or steam to avoid damaging the lacquer, particularly below the sink. Never use products containing solvents (acetone, ammonia, etc.).