Alto Kitchens:
Use and Maintenance

Domestic Appliances

General Advice

Domestic appliances should be positioned logically in order to achieve optimal operating and handling conditions.

- Check the condition of the electricity mains regularly, in particular the efficiency of the earthing system.
- Do not service the appliance before unplugging it or switching it off at the wall.
- Do not start or touch domestic appliances when barefoot or when the floor is wet.
- We advise against the use of adaptors and multiple sockets; the appliance plug should be the only one connected to the power point in order to avoid overheating and short circuits. Furthermore, the electricity supply in the kitchen must include a main differential switch that, in turn, controls an individual safety switch for each appliance.


Always adhere strictly to the Maufacturer's instructions (provided in the manuals supplied with each appliance) and, if requesting assistance, contact the service centers authorized by the Manufacturer directly (you will find this information in the manuals and warranty certificates).